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Ephedrine, ECA to lean your muscle tissue

In the olden days, the weight reducing power of Ephedrine was not known so much and it was used more for curing ailments like cough, cold and asthma. In modern times it is mixed with other herbs like caffeine and is widely used as a weight reduction supplement. But what is this ECA?

The ECA Stack stands for a mixture of 3 herbs namely, Ephedrine or Ephedra, Caffeine and Aspirin. The combination of these 3 has been used by body-builders to reduce their weight by burning fat and also to increase energy. ephdera contains alkaloids and it is believed that these alkaloids play a big part in ephedra’s fat burning capabilities. Alkaloids are a type of stimulating agent and they help to increase the metabolism.

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As most of you must be knowing, Ephedra (also known as Ma-Huang), is one of the oldest known medicinal herbal and is one that has been used by practitioners of Traditional Chinese medicine for centuries. It is a well known herb that is used in combination with other herbs to reduce body fat and to increase metabolism. Another common name for this herb was Mormon Tea (Latin name: Ephedra Viridis).

While the FDA has prohibited the use of alkaloids that contain natural ephedra to be used in dietary supplements, it had not put any restrictions on the other varieties of ephedra. Nowadays there are many formulations available in the form of tablets, capsules, and drinks etc. that take advantage of the ECA stack. While there are many schools of thought who consider ephedra to be dangerous for human health, there are also many others, which vouch for their safety. It is recommended that one goes through the leaflet enclosed with the product to gain more knowledge about how to use the same safely. Search the net for some of the popular ephedrine based formulations and start getting slim quick.

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