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How to make your own ECA Stack?
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How to make your own ECA Stack?

If you want to make your own ECA Stack and get quick and effective results in the weight loss it's not difficult, really possible and it has some advantages: it's cheaper, you see what exactly you use. Of course it's proved that ready weight loss supplements are more effective due to the added ingredients you can't buy and use. But self-made ECA Stack also works. So, what you need to make your own ECA Stack:

  • You should buy ephedrine online. You can find ephedrine as a bronchitis medication in stores. So as a rule it's easier to buy ephedrine online: Kaizen Ephedrine 8mg, Vasopro, Ephedrine Plus, Pure Ephedrine
  • You buy caffeine at the grocery store usually in medication aisle for about 5 $ for 24 yellow pills.
  • You buy coated aspirin. Particularly coated aspirin because it lessens the toughing effects on your stomach.
  • You should take one pill of each ingredient- ephedrine, aspirin and caffeine- in the morning and if you do exercises before them. You should begin with one dose a day and follow this dosage during a week to make sure that you are tolerant to it. Than if everything is in norm you can move up to two or three doses but only if your organism is ready for it. Every 6 weeks you should make a pause and only then repeat the cycle. It makes in order to prevent the dependence on ECA Stack ingredients.

What you should remember taking ECA Stack:

  1. When you start to use ECA Stack you can do no exercise and you'll loose the weight very quickly. But you should understand that in several weeks these processes will be slowed down and it's better to combine the usage of ECA Stack with exercises and a proper diet. It's also important because ephedrine burns not only fat and increases your body metabolism. So to get the better results you'd better keep to a diet, do exercises and take ECA Stack following the rules.
  2. You know that one of the main effects of ephedrine is suppressing of the appetite but you should remember that you still need enough energy so you should keep eating to give something for the ephedrine to burn.
  3. As all stimulants when used in non-observed dosage ECA Stack can be harmful to your organism. And some people need time to get used to it even if they take the proper amount of all ingredients.

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